Exterior Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a flexible and cost effective option for transforming your existing concrete surfaces to a premium designer finish. With a range of customisable colours, patterns and finishes to choose from, you can rejuvenate old, tired concrete with concrete overlay, for a fraction of the cost of concrete removal and replacement. Old concrete with a stencil-crete pattern on it can also be resurfaced. It is first ground back to provide a smooth surface before resurfacing, this can make a dramatic change to your homes facade. Concrete resurfacing is ideal for restoring tired looking concrete areas, driveways, patios and paths, or complementing your concrete with a fresh contemporary look.

Our concrete resurfacing system is a spray on cement based compound around 3-5mm thick which bonds to existing concrete and provides a durable and abrasion resistant textured finish. The concrete being resurfaced must be structurally sound (minor cracks can be filled in the process) and be at a minimum of 28 days old, There are a variety of colours and patterns available including the fleck spray which allows you to customise the colour and finish to suit your home.

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residence with external concrete resurfacing by floortex industries
residence with external concrete resurfacing by floortex industries

Need affordable driveway resurfacing in the Newcastle, Taree and the Hunter Valley area? We can help.

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