Micro Topping Cement

Do you want the polished concrete or Industrial look? Micro topping cement is the answer! Skim coat concrete is a thin and versatile material which can be applied over almost any hard surface. It enables the creation of unique and colourful surfaces, including floors, walls, bathrooms and furniture. The smooth finish makes it ideal for a modern, minimalist design that can be easily combined with materials like wood and ceramic.

Micro topping cement is a cement and quartz based layer at only 2-3mm thick, the smooth cement coating doesn’t crack and has great adhesive qualities which makes a seamless and continuous surface for multiple applications. Micro cement is a skim coat concrete that forms a totally impermeable surface, which renders it ideal for bathrooms and kitchen applications. Even ceramic tiles and can be coated with total adhesion. It is ideal for quick renovation projects as it does not require removing existing surfaces, thus saving both time and money.

 MicroCement Applications

  • On existing tiles and old smooth concrete screeds (without the need to break up and remove)
  • Existing floors where carpet has been removed
  • Plastered walls and ceilings
  • Internal/external walls and floors
  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Countertops
  • Bathtubs
  • Furniture
  • Stairwells and steps


  • Can be applied over other linings such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, mosaics, tiles, concrete, mortar, and plaster.
  • Low thickness allows for quick improvement of an existing concrete
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Highly resistant to UV Rays
  • Can be applied to bathrooms, kitchens, stairwells, furniture, facades, walls and any room in the house
  • Allows for seamless finish on floors and walls (no need for expansion gaps)
  • Allows for custom designs: e.g. corporate logos
  • Quick application and release to traffic
  • Allows for commercial renovation without going into heavy construction work


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  • Micro cement is hand trowelled over an existing surface and is then polished to create a smooth surface.
  • Micro cement is applied at approximately 2-3mm thick.
  • Micro cement replicates the look of pre-cast concrete with trowel marks and colour variation.
Areas of suitability
  • Micro cement is a hard wearing cement based decorative coating that can be applied over existing substrates including concrete, tiles, cement sheeting, water proofing membranes, plaster walls, brick, M.D.F and blue board.
  • Water proof and light weight, micro cement can be used on walls, floors, showers, kitchen benchtops/splashbacks, outdoor floors and areas, indoor/outdoor furniture and homewares.

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