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Residential Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floorings are a very popular surface coating in commercial settings like warehouses and auto showrooms, but they are now also making a big impact on the residential sector due to their amazing aesthetics. Epoxy flooring for homes are also far more durable than paint and resistant to grease and oils, many homeowners are now opting to install epoxy on their garage, patio and interior floors.

There are many colours, flakes and metallic coatings that can be applied to a concrete surface. Flake flooring incorporates coloured flakes applied with an epoxy resin to create a seamless floor covering. It is an attractive, easy to clean and hardwearing covering which can be applied to add appeal to new or old concrete surfaces. The resulting surface is extremely durable that is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, oil, weather, traffic that will outlast traditional floor coverings.

As an alternative to the flake flooring, we also apply solid/Metallic colour epoxy coatings. These solid/Metallic colours create a seamless glass like effect on modern floors which allow the colour to flow from one room to the next. The rental sector has also become a popular choice for residential epoxy flooring. Unlike tiles which have grout lines which become stained over time, epoxy creates join free floors which are easy to clean and stay looking new. They are also resistant to chemicals, bacteria, oil, weather, traffic and will outlast traditional floor coverings.

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Benefits of Epoxy coatings for residential applications


As mentioned earlier, epoxy is durable as compared to other types of floor coatings such as paint. It is also resilient to chipping, impacts, stains, surface abrasions and chemicals. This means that you will not have fears about the floor getting damaged if something falls on it.

Easy to Clean

An epoxy floor is easy to clean since it is stain and chemical resistant. Therefore, oil, anti-freeze, brake fluids and petrol spillages will not cause you any distress when you get down to cleaning the garage. You will only need to use water, mild soap, and a rag or mop to wipe the dirt off.

Decorative Purposes

Epoxy comes in different colours and flakes. You can even get customized colours that suit your taste and décor. Therefore, this flooring material will give you a chance to transform your garage or interior floor from a boring room in your house to a beautiful space. An epoxy coating is also useful when it comes to covering blemishes on the concrete. It also does not form dust when it wears out as it happens with concrete.

Durable, easy to clean epoxy flooring for Newcastle, Taree and Hunter Valley homes.