Garage Epoxy Flooring

High quality garage floor coatings in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Taree.


Epoxy flooring for garage floors are Floortex Industries speciality. Whether you choose a solid plain colour, flakes, metallic designer colours we are the experts in Epoxy coatings. We are not just flooring contractors, we are epoxy artists.

We know the design and style of your floor is just as important as the durability features of epoxy and that is why we are constantly training and practising new design ideas to make your floor look like no other, We want your floor to amaze everyone that sees it.

Unsealed raw concrete is constantly dusty and dirty, and concrete dust tracks into your house all the time. It also breathes, trapping odours and moisture in your garage floor.

Over time, moisture, oil, and the elements conspire to destroy your concrete floor, causing cracks, pitting and deterioration. Cracks and pitting can easily be fixed no matter how bad they are.

A Professional Garage Floor Coating installed by Floortex Industries will seal and protect your floor, make it incredibly easy to clean, and keep it looking awesome for many years.

The feeling you get when you step into your garage MATTERS. It’s the last part of your home you see in the morning. It’s the first part to welcome you home when your day is done.

Contact Floortex Industries for a quote and design consultation on your new epoxy garage floor!

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